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Charlotte Christina Larsen, the woman behind Facon Facon, conceptualizes and produces each piece in the collection. She is a goldsmith and a designer; for her, one does not exist without the other.


This return to custom production and hands-on creation is evident in her pieces, which make a statement while retaining a feminine and light quality, perfect for the strong modern woman.


Born, trained and currently working in Copenhagen, Denmark, Charlotte is now positioning the line to break into the US and other international markets.


With names like Skyline, Urban and Revage, the collection draws on architecture and functional design as its inspiration. All pieces are crafted from, 18K gold,  containing diamonds and gemstones, evoking a slate sky broken by a ray of sun on a glittering sidewalk. 


The simple color palate, innovative design and high quality are all part of the Danish aesthetic that characterizes Facon Facon.


Trained and educated goldsmith, graduated with honor in Copenhagen. Charlotte has a GIA Diamond Grad diploma from studying in New York City.

Now back in Copenhagen with her own Boutique Facon Facon in the center of Copenhagen. From here she makes all pieces by hand.


Charlotte has won several prestigious awards, including a medal of excellence from the Queen of Denmark for her craftsmanship during her apprenticeship (2011), the Danish championship for goldsmiths (2011), and the Nordic championship for goldsmiths (2011).

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